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George Spady
About Alaska Boreal Herbs

Dr. George Spady is the driving force behind Alaskan Boreal Herbs. He brings his 30+ years of medical knowledge and his lifelong passion for plants to create a melding of the art and science of medicine and herbology. His supplements utilize the finest of herbs resulting in exceptional products that help support a healthy lifestyle!

His interest in plants and herbs dates back to his childhood while growing up on a 150 acre family farm in Oregon. Plants have always been a part of his life thanks to family and especially his grandmother and her love for organic gardening.

He spent most of his life walking through the woods on the farm and trekking into the wilds of Oregon collecting, categorizing and identifying edible plants.

As he and his wife had children, they would take their family on hikes. The standard joke on any hike was always the same - “Does Dad have to point out every plant to us and eat every berry? Can’t he just enjoy the scenery sometimes?” 

Twelve years ago George started a medical practice on the Kenai Peninsula in pristine Alaska. His passion for herbs and plants burst forth from his immersion in nature from his backyard. Today he is merging alternative and traditional medicine. His recent in depth studies of herbal medicine and preparations brings a safer and healthier aspect in the use of herbal supplements.

Our Pledge

We pride ourselves in researching and understanding herbal toxicities and honoring safety for the consumers of our products.

Our Passion

When we live our passion we are the co-creator of a positive and fulfilling life.  Being able to create opportunities and help serve others is our passion.

Our Mission

We bring you gifts from Mother Nature to help support your health naturally. We strive to create a superior product by combining our passion for herbs and your health.

What We Believe

Honoring All - We believe that everything in the world is of great value. We pride ourselves in honoring everyone and everything.

Second Chances - We believe in second chances.  People deserve the right to say "I today am not who I was yesterday".

Experience - We believe in hard work and persistence. Sometimes the experience along the path is where we need to be. 

Creative Spirit - We believe in honoring the creative spirit in each and every one of us. 

Positivity - We believe in positivity.  Do what brings you JOY!  

We believe in you!!!

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