About Our Herbs

Locally Grown or Wild Harvested with Local Solvents

We pride ourselves on wildcrafting in nature's pantry on the Kenai Peninsula.  We also grow, tend and harvest our own garden and purchase a few organic products from ecologically responsible companies for those rare ingredients not grown in Alaska.

Our Alaskan Boreal A100 products use 100% Alaskan grown or wildcrafted herbs. The total contents of our A100 bottles are from Alaska and processed in Alaska. The grain alcohol in the A100 products starts out as 151 proof from Ursa Major Distillery and ends up in our hand-selected specially blended formula by Alaskan Boreal Herbs. 

Our products use Ursa Major Ethyl Alcohol with Alaskan Spring Water which are formulated in a perfect concentration for extracting the compounds from the herbs. The alcohol that comes from Alaska Ursa Major Distillery uses barley grain that is grown in Delta Junction and processed in Fairbanks. No other herbal company, to our knowledge, has a bottle that they can say is 100% pure, pristine Alaskan grown, harvested, and processed contents. Others may say "Made in Alaska" on their sticker; however, this only means that it is processed in Alaska - not totally grown, harvested, and processed here. If you buy A100, you are buying local pristine ALASKAN pure and simple.

We Label ALL Ingredients

We believe that all herbal preparations should include every ingredient. Many herbal businesses put partial labeling on their packaging. They state a few ingredients and then state plus other “herbs and spices”. Whether this is legal or not is debatable. This “mislabeling” means you really do not know what is in their product. We believe every consumer has the right to know every item in all products.

We label every ingredient in our products. Those herbs with a moderate toxicity rating are prominently labeled with a warning, so that you can seek a physician’s help in deciding whether each herb is safe for your condition. Those known herbs with high toxicities are not used in our preparations. Our toxicity rating is based on the Simple Toxicity Scale (STS) system developed by Alaskan Boreal Herbs. The STS is a complex system which ranks the toxicity of herbs and then converts it into a scale that is easy for consumers to understand.


Product Consistency & Lot Number Labeling

  • We measure accurately, prepare methodically and use consistency to prepare our herbs and herbal products
  • We keep data and records on each preparation
  • We label each of our products with lot numbers

Few small locally grown herbal companies do their due diligence for the consumer in regard to consistency and tracking.  We pride ourselves in honoring your safety and your health as the consumer. 

These statements and herbal supplement products have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and there is no doctor patient relationship established with this information.

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